Qorta™ is a robust SaaS information delivery system and data analytics platform. The platform makes driver safety data more powerful, reliable and accessible. In addition, Qorta™ infuses intelligence into the decision making process and allows for timely action that leads to safer operations and therefore safer communities.

Qorta™’s MVR monitoring functionality with Q License continuously monitors your employees’ driving behavior; it’s incorporation of CSA data on regulated drivers with Q Transportation leverages information to help keep scores low; the ability to upload additional data, such as crashes and claims, with Q Enterprise, provides a comprehensive driver score; and advanced analytics with Q Insight provides the most in-depth driver intelligence.

Understand employee driving behavior across your organization at all times. Getting started is easy. Simply tell Qorta™ who your drivers are, and real-time monitoring will automatically alert you of negative driver activity.

Proactive information will elevate your company’s commitment to safety and empower you to protect what is most important.


  • Bulk driver list upload
  • Custom driver groups
  • Manage and update driver information
  • Receive email alerts

  • Set thresholds
  • Normalized reporting state to state
  • New activity alerts
  • and more…
Qorta - Q License

Q License

Q License provides near real-time insight into high-, medium- and low-risk drivers with access to all employee driving data on a single platform.

  • Status Monitoring
  • Violation Monitoring
  • Risk Scoring
  • On-demand purchase

Q Transportation

Q Transportation aggregates CSA data through a robust scorecard view that provides actionable information to make dramatic safety transformations.

  • Carrier Scorecard
  • Driver Scorecard
  • IRT Scorecard
  • Daily Inspections
  • Daily Violations
Qorta - Q Transportation
Qorta - Q Enterprise

Q Enterprise

Q Enterprise provides visibility into the impact of crashes on your organization. By integrating supplemental data sources with traditional MVR and CSA monitoring solutions, customers will leverage crash and claims information into Crash & Claims Scoring and a new composite Driver Policy Score to enforce a more comprehensive safety policy. Functionalities include:

  • Driver Policy Score
  • Crash & Claims Score
  • Crash & Claims Data Integration
  • Qorta Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Qorta Single Sign-On (SSO)

Q Insight

Q Insight allows for better business and operational decisions through proactive information and clear analytics.

  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Accident Trends
  • Citation Breakdown
  • Performance Insights
  • Safety Culture Trends
Qorta - Q Insight

What’s Your Level of Risk?

“We’ve reduced our reliance on self-reporting. Being able to flag drivers before they tell us there’s an issue complements the mandatory self-reporting policy and makes safety much more efficient.”

– Shetikka R. Senior Risk & Safety Analyst


With monitoring, we have seen a 73% increase in success intervention rates.