Continuous Driver Monitoring Solutions for the Retail Industry

Receive near real-time alerts when drivers receive violations to prevent crashes and protect your employees, customers and reputation.


The Rise in Retail Drivers

Retail is the largest transportation services consumer, edging out manufacturing and government, and is expected to continue growing rapidly. The number of delivery vehicles in cities will increase 36 percent by 2030 with 13 percent of retailers delivering 75 percent of their orders directly to customers.

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Increased Risk On the Road

The increased shipping demand has made our roadways more congested and dangerous, especially with consumer demand for ever-decreasing delivery times. Did you know that 94 percent of auto crashes are caused by human error as opposed to vehicle or environmental causes? Furthermore, it’s estimated that ten percent of your drivers account for 40 percent of your claim costs.

In a high-risk growing industry like retail, what is your company doing to keep your drivers, brand and greater community safe?

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Balance Increased Demand with Risk

Even if your organization outsources its drivers, you’re likely to share liability for incidents involving these drivers. That’s why it’s critical to ensure the right drivers are behind the wheel of your vehicles. SambaSafety’s Qorta platform provides continuous driver monitoring solutions, helping you proactively manage risk and avoid incidents that negatively impact your drivers, organization and bottom line.

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Simplify Driver Risk Management

Here’s How Qorta Can Help

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Ensure Only the Safest Drivers Are Behind the Wheel

Get unmatched insight into employee driving behavior including store workers, DOT drivers and contractors with near real-time alerts on violations like speeding, DUIs and suspended licenses.

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Avoid Failed Inspections

Remain prepared for roadside inspections with access to CSA and MVR data on a single, easy-to-read platform that includes carrier scores, profiles, expirations for medical certificates and licenses as well as daily activity monitoring.

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Proactively Mitigate Risk

Identify the high-risk drivers who are most likely to cause crashes or fail inspections and take action long before they cost your company money and negatively impact your reputation.

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We’ve had cases where drivers were unaware that their license had been suspended. SambaSafety allowed us to identify drivers and resolve issues before anything serious occurred.

Operations and Safety Manager of Heidelberg Distributing Co.

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