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SambaSafety Unveils 2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automotive Mobility 

Greenwood Village, May 22, 2024 - In an era of labor shortages, fast-changing regulatory requirements and dangerous driving behavior, employers and...

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SambaSafety Leads the Way in Innovation for Driver Risk Management Solutions

SambaSafety stands at the forefront of developing cloud-based driver risk management solutions that consistently drive innovation and transform...

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Meet the SambaSafety Risk Cloud: How We’re Revolutionizing Driver Risk Management

Identifying, managing and preventing driver risk is increasingly challenging for many companies and insurers. This complexity arises from the...

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Distracted Driving Violations Generate Serious Liability for Commercial Auto Carriers

Phones require our attention more than ever before – from text messages and social media apps to work notifications and more. This has led to a...

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Uncover the Impact of Nuclear Verdicts on the Commercial Auto Insurance Industry

In the multidimensional landscape of commercial auto insurance, one phrase has garnered increasing attention and concern: "nuclear verdicts." These...

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A Journey Through Telematics Innovation in Auto Insurance

Before it was the cutting-edge technology we know today, telematics was just a word that described the simple fusion of informatics and...

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Key MVR Considerations for Insurance Underwriters

Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) are comprehensive reports, often utilized by employers and insurance companies, that contain a wealth of information...

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The AI Revolution: Transforming Commercial Insurance

The insurance industry stands on the brink of a transformative revolution, driven by the exponential growth of artificial intelligence (AI)...

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Enhancing Commercial Auto: The Essential Telematics Playbook

Telematics, a fusion of telecommunications and informatics, empowers insurers with real-time insight into vehicle usage, driving behavior and other...

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