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Meet the SambaSafety Risk Cloud: How We’re Revolutionizing Driver Risk Management

Identifying, managing and preventing driver risk is increasingly challenging for many companies and insurers. This complexity arises from the...

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How to Build a Driver Retention Program That Works

Retaining skilled drivers remains a pivotal challenge for companies across all industries. The struggle to locate and impress candidates underscores...

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Effective Driver Risk Management: The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Proactive driver risk management coupled with strong employee engagement is a powerful mix. While employee engagement is most often seen as a way to...

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17 Ways to Lower Commercial Auto and Fleet Insurance Premiums

Year after year, auto insurance premiums are climbing as insurers and their policyholders face increased risks: reckless driving, rising gas prices,...

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Driver Feedback: 5 Questions to Improve Your Company’s Fleet Safety Culture

As the roads become more dangerous year after year, it’s crucial for companies to take full control of their fleets’ driver risk. With the number of...

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How to Improve Your Year-End Driver Risk Analysis Reports

The end of the year will be here before we know it, and with it brings the dreaded year-end reporting for driver risk professionals. But with the...

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New Tools for Driver Risk Management and Mitigation

The landscape of driver risk is constantly evolving. Updated safety standards, new compliance requirements and emerging connected vehicle...

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Navigating Perilous Roads: The Most Dangerous States to Drive In

Not all roads are created equal. Fleet drivers know this better than most. The United States’ landscape changes dramatically from one state to the...

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6 Tips for Establishing a Successful Driver Safety Incentive Program

Drivers play a pivotal role in an organization’s safety culture, and ultimately, its reputation. How, then, can fleet managers help establish...

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