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New Tools for Driver Risk Management and Mitigation

The landscape of driver risk is constantly evolving. Updated safety standards, new compliance requirements and emerging connected vehicle...

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Navigating Perilous Roads: The Most Dangerous States to Drive In

Not all roads are created equal. Fleet drivers know this better than most. The United States’ landscape changes dramatically from one state to the...

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Need to Expand Your Company’s Hiring Pool? Check Out These Expert Driver Recruiting Tips

As companies face an ongoing driver shortage, hiring managers are scrambling to find ways to recruit safe drivers. What driver recruiting tips can...

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6 Tips for Establishing a Successful Driver Safety Incentive Program

Drivers play a pivotal role in an organization’s safety culture, and ultimately, its reputation. How, then, can fleet managers help establish...

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Do Your Fleet Drivers Know How to Put Tire Chains on Safely?

If your company drivers find themselves in icy or snowy conditions, do they know when and how to safely install tire chains? Perhaps a more important...

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How the Right Technology Can Bolster Your Driver Retention Strategy

When you think of a commercial driver retention strategy, what comes to mind? If you’re like most, driver safety technology is low on the list – if...

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How Winter Driver Safety Training Combats Burnout and Improves Retention

An article in Automotive Fleet noted how the labor shortage across all industries creates a “double whammy” for fleets: The labor shortage in...

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5 Easy and Actionable Driver Retention Strategies

In a recent blog, we explored the landscape of commercial driving and the key issues that may be pushing people out of the industry. Some believe...

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[WEBINAR] Expert Perspectives: Navigating FMCSA’s Proposed Methodology Changes

Earlier in 2023, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolled out a proposal to amp up its Safety Measurement System (SMS). Picture...

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