Although a lofty statement, we at SambaSafety are focused on saving lives, while at the same time making businesses like yours better.

We as a driver monitoring company are driven by extensive goals, including reducing crashes 20 percent by the year 2025. Such goals in turn require the right driver risk solutions and insight needed to transform data into action.

That’s why we work every day to ensure our customers feel empowered to make smarter business decisions while at the same time decreasing impact to their bottom line.

What drives us as a company?

SambaSafety’s Mission

To transform data into action, protecting businesses and communities from driver and mobility risk. After all, driver and mobility risk doesn’t impact only those behind the wheel. Our mission rings truly special because we are saving the lives of those you care so deeply about, even with so many variables constantly needing to be deciphered.

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By taking drivers not equipped to be on the road out from behind the wheel, we can ensure more people get home to their families safe and sound every day.

This is only reinforced by our employees – everyone who works at SambaSafety believes in what we do thanks to a set of company-wide values. Typically, when you think of company-wide value, it’s a set of expectations put forth by the company that employees hold themselves to.

At SambaSafety, we don’t just hold our employees to our three values. Rather, we hold all that we do against them – whether updating or launching a new product, working with current customers to solve an issue or the way that customer care and onboarding engage with all, our three values live within every action.

What are they?

Three Pillars that Guide SambaSafety


We choose to work cross-collaboratively at SambaSafety. Internally, whether it be our expert Government Relations team providing the latest and greatest information, stellar Customer Success Managers or Onboarding, trust that our team works toward your progress.

This doesn’t just end at our employees. When we look at the relationships made throughout the United States and corresponding territories as well as all Canadian provinces, getting our customers the right information at the right time requires an immense amount of teamwork, fostered by years of networking.

Additionally, we are connected to and work with the industry’s most influential thought leaders, including the likes of background screeners, insurers, trucking companies and Fortune 500 companies.


Each individual employed with SambaSafety feels empowered and driven by the impact they know they have the ability to create. Not only do our teams have a hand in guiding the successful risk mitigation of our customers, but they also play a major role in how our product offerings transform.

Whether it be our insurance solution or our driver monitoring solution, the immense impact that our products bring will ripple through your company and positively reflect in areas like your bottom line and drivers retained or the knowledge that those insured are accurately priced the first time.


Internally, we work to cultivate and maintain a culture of accountability. Our employees and leadership drive these efforts forward, encouraging open conversations, critical feedback and two-way communication.

By continuing to listen to our customers, prospects and employees, we keep SambaSafety as a whole accountable. This accountability stems far beyond just feedback, as well. Our products hold those engaging in negative driving behavior accountable.

We know that you have seen our competition and it prompts questions, including, “what makes SambaSafety different?” It starts with what motivates us as a company.

What Makes SambaSafety the Driver Risk Management Leader

Our Wealth of Driver Data

For over 20 years, we at SambaSafety have been the industry leading driver monitoring company, collecting data on over 658 million motor vehicle records (MVRs). Per year, that averages out to around 40 million MVRs. Every year, as we continue expanding the number of companies we are helping through our services, we keep in mind what drives us – continuous improvement.

Our Stake in Your Company’s Success

We also care deeply about the success of those who use our solutions. Whether it be through the results we see when a solution of ours is implemented or the rave reviews from customers, we believe that what we are doing continues to save lives and save companies money, all while reducing risk.

Those who work for your company are much more than just part of a larger number in our eyes. Instead, we view those who benefit from our solutions as part of a greater movement in road safety. That’s why our offerings provided are top of line and provide customers with the information needed to make the most informed decisions.

Working day-in and day-out to ensure you’re able to do what’s best for your business all while protecting your people and bottom line, we are constantly thinking of new innovations that can bolster your safety efforts.

Differentiated and Revolutionary Solutions

Our solutions can transform the way that you do business, thanks to integrations and our API capabilities. Such features provide customers with the industry’s only complete solution, simplifying the once overwhelming flow of data into digestible, actionable insight.

We’ve also launched our driver training solution, Qorta University – through feedback from companies like yours, training was the next logical step in rounding out a complete risk mitigation portfolio. Now you can train to retain instead of act reactionarily, transforming the way you manage driver risk.

Something exciting in the works here at SambaSafety? The upcoming launch of any driver monitoring company’s only predictive analytics, which will give you the ability to identify who’s most likely to cause a crash before it happens. Stay tuned by bookmarking our “In the News” section for more info!

Rest Easier with SambaSafety

By implementing SambaSafety’s solutions, your business and community will be protected by proactively intervening with those who present risk. Taking the correct steps toward emphasizing a company-wide focus on safety is an immense undertaking, and then consider scaling out toward your community.

With SambaSafety, it becomes much easier to not just say you want to work on risk mitigation efforts. Curious as to whether you’re taking the right steps with your current strategy?

Download our free guide, Revolutionize Your Approach to Mitigating Driver Risk, to learn how you can maximize the impact of your safety program.