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The Mistake You Make Every Time You Use the Word “Accident”

It may seem like a small preference between two words but there’s a big difference between a crash versus accident, including who’s at fault. Learn more.

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Introducing Qorta University: SambaSafety Release Notes [Podcast]

Hear from Rich Lacey, Marian Aavang and Amy Wilson as we dive into features and benefits of the new Qorta University on this episode of “The Prod-cast.”

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SambaSafety Revolutionizes Driver Risk Management with Qorta University

Modernize safety efforts through the promise of closed-loop driver monitoring and an integrated driver training platform, Qorta University. Learn more.

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Why SambaSafety Remains Committed to Preventing Distracted Driving

As we kick off Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2021, SambaSafety remains steadfast in combatting distracted driving through driver monitoring. Read on.

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SambaSafety Transforms Driver Risk Management with Acquisition of Instructional Technologies Inc.

Driver risk management market leader SambaSafety has acquired best-in-class online driving training & tech provider Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI).

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Four Insurance Trends Every Safety Expert Needs to Know in 2021

Company driver liability exposure can be controlled. Learn more about key trends every safety expert should know in 2021 & how to mitigate driver risk.

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How A Claims Study Can Drastically Save Your Company Money [Podcast]

Hear from Jason Malpass, VP, Enterprise Sales, on “The Blind Spot” as he shares how your company can reduce claims with continuous driver monitoring.

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Three Must Read Frequently Asked Driver Monitoring Questions (with Answers)

Driver risk management solutions often raise questions. Learn more as we answer three of the most commonly asked questions about driver monitoring.

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How You Can Bridge Your Driver Visibility Gap in No Time

The visibility gap is a problem you may not be aware of until it’s too late. Learn how driver risk management systems can give you full driver insight.

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