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Winter Driving Safety: How Fleets Can Combat Seasonal Statistics

We've gathered a list of important winter driving statistics, as well as ways companies can strategize to ensure their fleets have the knowledge, resources and skills to combat the risks this winter. 

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Tips For Hiring and Retaining Inexperienced Truck Drivers

When it comes to hiring inexperienced drivers, hiring and fleet managers must ensure these new drivers have the skills and support needed to follow their company's driver policies and safety culture – to protect their fleet, brand and bottom line.

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Winter Driving & Safety Tips for Fleets: Fuel Efficiency

Discover why fuel economy is lower during the winter months, as well as tips for company fleet drivers on how to better preserve fuel in colder temperatures. 

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Tips for Fleet Managers on Combating the Diesel Shortage

Even though the average price for gasoline has dropped below $4.00 a gallon nationwide, diesel prices now average above $5.00 a gallon across the country. We explore strategies fleet managers can implement to combat this and protect their bottom line.

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How is Technology Changing Fleet Management?

We examine how 5G networks, wearable tech, advanced telematics, augmented reality, mobility as a service and electronic vehicles are all set to impact fleet management in the coming decade.

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The Secret’s in the Numbers: How Top Insurers are Leveraging Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Watch our webinar to discover how personal auto insurers are leveraging data to streamline processes, exceed customer expectations and remain profitable in a highly competitive market.

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How Do OSHA Safety Standards Affect Your Driver Safety Program?

We provide a high-level overview of the mission and role OSHA plays in mitigating workplace risk, as well as how these standards apply to your fleet’s driver safety program.

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Fleet Fuel Efficiency: Tips for Saving Gas as Pump Prices Increase

While it may be impossible to completely avoid paying the high sticker price at the pump, there are strategies for businesses to help improve their drivers’ fuel efficiency.

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How Insurers Can Stay Competitive When They Can’t Compete on Price

Auto premiums have been steadily rising for years, and 2023 is shaping up to be no different. How can you remain competitive in the market when you can’t promise the best deal every time?

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