We at SambaSafety know that hiring and retaining talented drivers for your company can be time-consuming and costly – but the alternative, having at-risk and flighty drivers, can be even more detrimental. Business leaders understand the value of retaining their best drivers, but what’s the best way to do so?

Our team of experts have considered this question for a while now, and they’ve come up with a solution: a smart and cost-effective driver training program that can adequately address your driver population’s problem areas.

Qorta University, which launches in April 2021, helps companies identify at-risk drivers and provides them with relevant and timely training modules to address risky behaviors long before they become a problem.

Amy Wilson, Product Manager, SambaSafety, and Marian Aavang, Vice President, Product Management, SambaSafety, sat down with “The Prod-cast” host and SambaSafety’s Chief Product Officer Rich Lacey to share more about Qorta University.

“Qorta University will allow our customers to log in and start assigning training to their people,” Wilson said. “They can assign training to individuals, assign training to multiple people, and also go in there and track how those individuals are actually progressing through their training, which is pretty exciting.”

Qorta University allows companies to be purposeful in how they assign training. As Rich revealed, assigning relevant training to those that need it instead of just assigning the same module to everyone can actually magnify the impact of that training.

“We know, from the decades of data we have that we’ve been able to mine, what actually contributes to overall driving risk,” Aavang said. As a result, implementing this data into the program will “enable our customers to be smarter about their training and their delivery of it.”Stay up to date on “The Prod-cast: A Technology Focused Podcast by SambaSafety” by subscribing to the show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and visit our website to learn more about Qorta University.

To learn how safety professionals can improve their driver risk strategy through tools like driver training this year, download our checklist.