We see it on the news every day – whether it be a story on commercial vehicle crashes or personal vehicles in one of the most common kinds of crashes, in an intersection, car crashes seem unavoidable. At the very least, they’re unescapable in our day-to-day.

Have you ever considered the thought that crashes are almost always avoidable?

It may be surprising to know that 94 percent of crashes that occur could have been avoided. So why are we so numb to such an immense statistic and what are we doing to work toward decreasing crashes?

In the next five years, SambaSafety aims to make everyone care as much about safety as we do. So much so, that preventable crashes are reduced by 20 percent. Although it seems like a big undertaking and a lofty goal, through the utilization of driver risk management software solutions like ours, it’s doesn’t have to be.

Through advanced data and statistics and collaboration with risk management specialists in identifying common crash causes, reducing crashes 20 percent by 2025 can be easier than once suspected.

How do we do it?

Through conglomerated data thanks to our industry-leading expertise and over 20+ years of driver records, SambaSafety is helping take back control of the roads once again.

Hear from SambaSafety’s Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger on our podcast, “The Blind Spot.” Waldinger dives into the staggering numbers behind driving habits, the implications of those numbers – and provides compelling data as to how we can remain safer behind the wheel.

If wanting to learn more about why continuous driver monitoring matters and key driver risk management best practices in working toward decreasing incidents, download the white paper.