The Road to a Positive Image In the Transportation Industry

Missed this week’s Transportation Brief with Steve Bryan, EVP and General Manager, Transportation, SambaSafety, alongside Susan Fall, President and Founder, LaunchIt Public Relations?

Watch the webinar on-demand or dive deeper into some of the highlights, including:

  • Image increases involvement and involvement increases advocacy within the transportation industry.
  • The immense passion the industry has surrounding the positive portrayal of the commercial driver.
  • The need to look outside national publicizing of organizations that are supported.
    • Consider allocating some budget for grass roots efforts toward local initiatives.
    • Examples of a successful program as noted by Susan, includes the “touch-a-truck” programs, which showcase the true technological advances of trucks.
  • Getting off social media and outside of our comfort zones.
  • There are many great stories from a community involvement perspective that are just waiting to be told.
  • As the United States continues reopening, we will continue to see immense unemployment, with figures looking to be around one in four Americans out of work.
    • There are many able-bodied and hard-working unemployed individuals that may consider trucking as an enticing new career.

overview of highway next to ocean