It’s a scary reality in 2022: roadways are more dangerous, and risk is becoming more expensive. In fact:

  • SambaSafety’s home state of Colorado experienced the most traffic fatalities in 2021 since 2002
  • One in two personal injury lawsuits involve an auto crash
  • Three in five personal injury lawsuits are won by the plaintiff
  • The average lawsuit judgment is $1.3M

Risk and safety professionals are tasked with the difficult job of determining where their greatest risk lies to prevent future crashes and costs. The problem: risk can be tricky to spot if you’re managing disparate systems with different sets of data.

It’s not uncommon for companies to have upwards of four different systems housing driver-related data, including:

  • HR management software
  • Driver risk management software
  • Driver training software
  • Background screening software
  • Telematics software

We hear time and time again about how digging through these different platforms to analyze risk is a huge burden, one that takes away from actually acting on risk. One of our customers, a Logistics and Safety Manager for a construction material company with 9,000+ drivers, said it best:

“It takes me three days every month to compile data from various sources and create sharable analytics. Anything you can do to help with that would be very valuable.”

Feedback like this led our team to develop Qorta Insight. This advanced analytics platform makes it easier for companies to answer questions around risk as well as take the necessary steps to mitigate risk and reduce crash-related costs.

In our latest webinar, “A Better Way to Find Trends and Answers in Your Drivers’ MVR and CSA Risk Data,” our team of experts highlights how Qorta Insight simplifies risk reporting, helping risk and safety professionals quickly answer these commonly asked questions:

  • How much risk do I have?
  • Who should I prioritize for intervention?
  • What behaviors are increasing our risk?
  • Is our safety plan working?

Interested in seeing firsthand how simple it is to answer questions surrounding driver risk? Watch the webinar today!