For most people, the holidays mean time off work to relax with family and friends. Not so for drivers and fleet managers. Weather delays and long shifts put everyone in the mental red zone.

Bugging busy drivers about winter safety best practices may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it should be. Countless statistics show winter is a dangerous time of year for drivers:

  • December has the highest incident rate among winter months
  • 70% of winter fatalities happen in vehicles.

When your team is already pushed to the limit, the last thing you need is a banged-up vehicle or injured driver. Here’s a simple way to keep safety top-of-mind during the hectic holiday season.

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Share Winter Driving Safety Tips to Reinforce Training

The only thing more stressful than managing a trucking or delivery fleet during the holidays is being out on the road. Not only is there more work to do, getting the job done is a lot harder.

Drivers, especially inexperienced ones, may feel tempted to prioritize speed over safety. For example, why climb down using three points of contact when jumping is so much faster?

Don’t wait for a broken leg, parking lot crash or other incident to derail your operation. Proactive safety reminders are a simple way to boost the effectiveness of your driver safety program.

To ensure busy drivers don’t miss the message, keep the reminders short and share them far and wide. For example:

Safety Messages Improve Retention

Many managers underestimate the value of safety messages. It’s understandable. Time is precious and it’s reasonable to assume no one wants a longer meeting or one more email. But consider this: exhaustion and cynicism are two primary causes of driver burnout.

  • When you tell drivers, “take it slow on slippery roads, we want you to get home safe,” they’ll feel appreciated and cared for.
  • By acknowledging and addressing fatigue (instead of ignoring the problem), you can reduce feelings of pessimism. Drivers will know you see them as human beings, not just cogs in a corporate wheel.

Winter Driving Safety Tips for Employees: 5 Free Safety Messages

You have enough to deal with this winter. Between hiring and onboarding new drivers and weather delays, the last thing you need is an injured driver or a wrecked vehicle. That’s why we created free, shareable winter safety messages. Each e-Postcard has an eye-catching image and a winter driving tip from one of our online driver training courses. Download your package to share with your team today!

winter driving safety tips to share with your employees

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