The most hazardous time of year is nearly upon us. The time when slippery roads and bad visibility magnify every mistake. Here are some scary stats no fleet should ignore: 

Seventy percent of accidental fatalities in winter occur in vehicles even though traffic speeds decrease 30-40% during this time and people drive 20% fewer miles. Keep in mind, accidental fatalities also include things like falling off ladders and accidental drug overdoses. 

Here’s another alarming fact: slips, trips and falls are the second most common injury for drivers. The average cost to the employer? A whopping $47,000+ per occurrence.

  • 25% of ice and snow-related falls occur in parking lots
  • 22% of those slip and fall incidents result in a month away from work

If you don’t have a plan to reduce collisions and injuries this winter, it’s time to get started.

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Winter is the ideal time to focus on safety. Long shifts, haggard drivers and holiday stress can tempt drivers to take shortcuts on safety. 

Every single person in your fleet, from drivers to dispatchers to supervisors, has to deal with increased workloads, urgency and burnout. It’s a tough time of year, but also an opportunity to show leadership.

Some fleet managers think slip and fall injuries, collisions and other winter weather incidents are inevitable, but that’s not entirely true. Safety leaders who are truly committed to keeping workers safe and the fleet profitable can invest in simple strategies proven to prevent the most common winter incidents. For example: 

  • Direct maintenance crews to keep a close eye on tire wear
  • Give drivers a winter pre-trip inspection checklist 
  • Remind dispatchers to give drivers extra time between appointments to clean their vehicles

Want more? Two of our fleet safety experts recently hosted a webinar packed with winter safety tips and best practices for fleets. Learn about the four horsemen of winter risk and walk away with actionable ideas you can implement right away.

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video of winter driving safety tips for fleets