Do You Have a Culture of Safety?

When people know they’re being monitored, they’re more conscientious about how they behave. Continuous driver monitoring of your employees can have a positive effect on driving behavior that ripples from your company to community. As part of a comprehensive safety policy, continuous driver monitoring confirms that you are actively taking measures to ensure the safety of your employees and to protect your company.

The best way to protect your company, employees and community is to encourage a culture of safety for everyone behind the wheel on behalf of your business. 

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Safe Culture

  • Have a safety policy
  • Remove drivers from the road after an incident
  • Pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) annually or at pre-hire

Safety Culture

  • Have a driver safety policy as part of the overall company safety policy
  • Identify unsafe driving behavior and intervene before an incident occurs
  • Have the most up-to-date driver data with continuous driver monitoring and eliminate the visibility gap

Continuous Driver Monitoring and the Hawthorne Effect

Implementing new solutions often begs the question: how do we know if it’s working? With Qorta, our driver monitoring solution, you receive updates on your employee driving behavior as often as you choose. Additionally, research indicates that individuals typically modify their behavior for the better if they know that they’re being monitored in some way, known as the Hawthorne Effect.

Not only does our collection of driver data compiled over 20 years tell us that continuous driver monitoring is effective, but research also indicates that tools like ours start working as soon as they’re implemented.

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Communication and Data Collection

It’s important to be clear with your employees about what you’re monitoring, what kind of data you’re collecting and what your expectations are. To create a culture where employees value safety, transparency and compliance, you need to level-set your intentions about the creation and implementation of your company safety policy.


Driver Safety Policy Enforcement

Having a comprehensive driver safety policy is important, but only proves beneficial when clearly communicated, consistently enforced and incentivized across the organization.

With Qorta, we help you make informed decisions by providing near real-time updates any time there’s a change in an employee MVR, enabling you to intervene as soon as possible with any employee who is at risk of falling outside your driver safety policy.


Prioritize Safety Across Your Organization.

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The increase in monitoring success intervention rates.

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After all is said and done, SambaSafety helps us keep our drivers on the road and that means we’re making money. That’s good for our drivers and our company overall.


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Elevate Your Safety Culture