Why the Visibility Gap Matters

We know the safety of your employees and community is paramount. Driving behavior can be a lead indicator of who may put your company, or other drivers, at risk. Often, companies pull MVRs annually at most. But what about the rest of the year? That leaves 364 days with no visibility into your employee’s driving behavior, effectively creating a visibility gap and eliminating proactive action when it comes to driver safety.

Providing the Right Data, at the Right Time

We close the visibility gap with Qorta, our SaaS solution, by providing the right data at the right time to help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to the safety of your employees and your company.

Understanding employee driving behavior is vital in protecting your company. Identify issues and intervene early with near real-time and clear visibility with continuous driver monitoring.

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Real Problems

  • Annual or infrequent MVR checks
  • Time, money, and resources spent on MVR pulls
  • Synthesizing MVR data
  • Driver / Employee retention

The Solution With Qorta

  • Complete visibility 365 days a year
  • Alerts only when a change occurs on an MVR
  • Normalized MVR data across all states
  • Proactively implement training and intervention

Complete Visibility 365 Days a Year

Most companies that have employee drivers check motor vehicle records (MVRs) once a year, or even just once at hire. However, that’s just a snapshot in time and creates a visibility gap of employee driving incidents and trends the other 364 days of the year. That’s where come in.

Did you know that if an employee is involved in a traffic infraction on their own time, the company can still be held liable? Continuous driver monitoring provides visibility into the driving behavior of your employees 365 days a year. Whether you have commercial drivers, fleet vehicles, or employees driving personal vehicles on or off the clock, continuous driver monitoring allows you to identify driving trends across your company and implement initiatives for driver safety and retention (not to mention protecting your bottom line).

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Alerts ONLY When a Change Occurs on an MVR

While many companies pull MVRs annually, or only at hire, the fix for getting more complete data, in fact, is not to pull MVRs more frequently. In theory, it seems like a solid solution, but in practice, it can be very time-consuming and costly. If you have 100 drivers and you pull MVRs every week, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on MVRs throughout the year—and then you still have to sort through the data.

We’ve got you covered with Qorta. With continuous driver monitoring, you’re notified immediately if (and only if) there’s a change on an employee driving record. Let us help you streamline workflows to save time, money, and unnecessary MVR pulls.

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Normalized MVR Data Across All States

If you have employees who drive across state lines, or who live indifferent states, it can be difficult to determine exactly how one violation equates to another. What some states call “careless driving,”others call “reckless driving.” How do you match or incorporate these inconsistencies into your safety policy?

With our connections to DMVs in all 50 states, our Qorta platform helps
you make sense of this information by standardizing the data, making it
easy to read, understand, and act on.

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Proactively Implement Training and Intervention

Understanding employee driving behavior on or off the clock allows you to identify problems and proactively intervene, protecting (and retaining!) your employees and company. For example, a suspended license could be the result of a moving violation OR an administrative reason, such as failure to pay child support or even medical conditions. At any given time, 3-5% of drivers on the road have a suspended license. If you have an employee with a suspended license who gets into a crash, your company faces liability.

Together, we help you identify any issues with your employee drivers and implement necessary training or intervention to ensure everyone is within your safety policy and retain your best employees.

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Elevate Your Safety Culture