Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) for Employers, Screeners and Carriers

For over 20 years, we’ve been the industry leader in pulling MVRs. delivering over 60 million MVRs annually.

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SambaSafety has been the industry leader in MVR delivery for over 20 years. During this time, we’ve pulled over 635 million records, averaging 60 million per year, for insurance companies, fleet companies and corporations across North America.

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Why Pull MVRs?

It’s critical to get the full picture on each and every new hire, especially those driving on behalf of your company. MVRs act as comprehensive source of truth, bringing to light critical issues like suspensions, violations, DUIs and revocations.

Why Use SambaSafety?

Easy-to-Read Reports

We standardize format and violations across all 50 states, offering the most intuitive MVR on the market.

Instant Returns

Gain instant MVR access using our database, helping increase productivity and expedite the hiring process.

Secure Orders

Our secure platform directly integrates with each state’s DMV, ensuring the safe keeping of personal information.

Ongoing Driver Monitoring

Pulling MVRs annually is a great way to ensure you’re hiring qualified drivers on behalf of your company. However, MVRs are not a great solution when wanting to continuously monitor drivers, as much can happen during the other 364 days of the year. That’s why we developed our continuous driver monitoring software, Qorta, to provide near real-time automated alerts on violations including speeding, suspensions and DUIs.

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We offer MVRs to corporations only, including background screeners, employers and insurance carriers. We also offer continuous driver monitoring, which replaces these need to pull manual MVRs. Want to learn more? Schedule your demo today!

Please note that we do not sell MVRs to individuals.