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Life Changing Ways to Free Insurers from the Burden of MVRs [Podcast]

Listen to The Blind Spot and hear Rick Fendell, VP, Data Solutions & Channels, as he discusses how MVRs are weighing insurers down and how to stop this.

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Introducing Qorta University: SambaSafety Release Notes [Podcast]

Hear from Rich Lacey, Marian Aavang and Amy Wilson as we dive into features and benefits of the new Qorta University on this episode of “The Prod-cast.”

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How A Claims Study Can Drastically Save Your Company Money [Podcast]

Hear from Jason Malpass, VP, Enterprise Sales, on “The Blind Spot” as he shares how your company can reduce claims with continuous driver monitoring.

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What Every SambaSafety Customer Needs to Know – A Year in Review [Podcast]

Hear from SambaSafety’s Chief Product Officer Rich Lacey and his panelists as they take an in-depth look at the exciting product features 2020 brought.

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How to Effectively Prepare for an Unpredictable 2021 [Podcast]

As we think of how to effectively prepare for an unpredictable 2021, options begin to emerge. One of the best solutions? Driver monitoring. Learn more.

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A New Way to Think About About Managing Driver Risk [Podcast]

We at SambaSafety are on a mission to reduce crashes 20 percent by 2025. How? Through equipping our customers with the best driver risk management tools.

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How to Get Rid of Inefficiencies with the Help of Driver Data [Podcast]

Hear from Eric Waldinger, CMO on The Blind Spot as he speaks to SambaSafety as a data-first company & what that means for those using driver monitoring.

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Alternative Data As The Answer For Insurance Providers [Podcast]

Hear from Eric Waldinger, Chief Marketing Officer, SambaSafety, as he explains why alternative data is one of the best tools for insurers to utilize.

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How to Change Your Commercial Auto Carrier Profitibility [Podcast]

Hear from Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger as he speaks to challenges faced every day by commercial lines insurers, including combined ratios.

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