If you were wondering what the year 2020 brought as far as product developments go from SambaSafety, we have you covered! Hear from our own Rich Lacey, Chief Product Officer, on the inaugural episode titled, “A Year in Review: SambaSafety Release Notes,” of our newest podcast, “The Prod-Cast: A Technology Focused Podcast from SambaSafety.”

Our very own product experts Joe Liffrig, Product Owner; Matt O’Shields, Product Manager; Steve Schwindt, Sr. Product Manager; and Michele Cook, Principal Product Manager, spoke with Rich, sharing insights on the many innovative new features 2020 brought in both Qorta and Volta products.

Driver activity

One of Joe Liffrig’s 2020 top priorities was around driver activity, which is any event that impacts a driver safety. “All the activity we recorded was generated from monitoring systems. What we are debuting with this feature is the ability for Qorta users to add activity from sources in addition to those monitoring systems.” Users can now add a single activity or add in bulk information such as training, counseling, who was at fault, or even insurance claims data, providing a more complete risk measurement picture for those diligent safety and risk managers.

Activity alerts

Matt O’Shields’ focus was on the invaluable workflow tool related to Driver Activities called Activity Alerts. Customers consistently requested a way to review new activity, and “alerts is designed with that in mind.” “Think of alerts as the inbox for all of your most important mobility risk information updates about your drivers.” O’Shields said the customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive since launching the product a few months ago.

Inspection management

Steve Schwindt, in charge of transportation strategies at SambaSafety, has transformed the alert framework and extended it with specific CSA functionality. “Inspection Management is all about helping our customers and ensuring that regulated motor carriers properly process roadside inspection activity,” Schwindt said. “It’s very workflow-based, and we felt it would fit perfectly within this alerts framework and be able to leverage all of those great features and functions.”

Quote features

On the insurance side of SambaSafety, Cook updated Rich on the exciting new features in our Volta platform, which serves insurance carriers, brokers, commercial insurers and more, helping them evaluate and price risk most efficiently. “Our new Volta quote features are all about ensuring consumers receive that streamlined and accurate insurance shopping experience every time they shop or purchase a policy,” Cook said. “And that also requires that the carrier is pricing correctly for that risk while they’re doing this.”

Customers can get access to all of these exciting features in their respective platforms and can stay tuned for more exciting product developments on future episodes of “The Prod-Cast” in 2021!