Fleets large and small suffer from a common problem: information overload. That’s why we created Insight, a new dynamic reporting tool in Qorta that helps busy safety professionals simplify risk management. 

With Insight, you can quickly identify the biggest sources of risk, create and schedule reports and (most importantly) reclaim the time you currently spend digging for data.

Read more about Qorta Insight in our recent announcement. Or, learn how Qorta Insight turns information overload into actionable insights in the latest episode of our podcast, The Blind Spot.

Below are a few snippets from the episode where our Product team explains how Insights improves fleet risk management:

“What inspired us to build Insight was talking to our customers and our partners,” said Joe Liffrig, Product Manager for Qorta Insight. “The biggest ask we heard was, ‘Help me get all my data into a single view where I can make sense of it and use it to make decisions and answer questions’.”

“This has been a labor of love for the Product team and SambaSafety as a whole,” said Vice President of Product Management Marian Aavang. “Instead of just serving up a lot more data we’re giving them information:…things that are going to move the needle when it comes to driver behavior, suggestions and best practices, areas where you can focus your dollars that will make an impact.”

“When you’re shopping for an insurance policy or an insurance renewal, [Qorta Insight] is a powerful way to show a broker you’re monitoring drivers, responding to incoming information and proactively training on issues….and those actions are having an impact with violations and crashes trending down,” said Liffrig.

Let the insights come to you

Ready to reduce the administrative burden of identifying and reducing risk? It’s easy to get actionable insights from your existing driver data. Let us show you how.


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