Hear from Steve Bryan as he reflects on his time at SambaSafety and what’s next.

Today marks 3 ½ years since SambaSafety acquired Vigillo. It was always my intention to pass the baton and move on – but the lure of working with the SambaSafety team in integrating Vigillo into SambaSafety’s offering kept me engaged. In these years, but especially in the past 12 months, we have made exciting progress toward providing a powerful, differentiated solution combining motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring with Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data and analytics.

Just a few examples of our immense accomplishments include:

  • Getting ahead of a material change in CSA scoring at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) and delivering the first Item Response Theory (IRT) solution to market, demonstrating our extensive data expertise. When and whether the FMCSA decides to deploy this important improvement to safety scoring of motor carriers (in my opinion, they should), SambaSafety is clearly ready to provide the thought leadership and vision that will make IRT a far superior platform.
  • We’ve seen solid growth in transportation sales, despite the pandemic. That growth will expand with planned marketing, programs and promotions offered by our expert transportation sellers being led by Adam Kreisher, communicating to legacy Vigillo customers on the benefits of the Qorta Transportation Pro Bundle.
  • We have taken huge leaps forward in the Q Transportation product, including recent embedding of critical CSA reports. The third quarter in 2020 is dedicated to transportation with significant, enterprise-grade enhancements for regulated drivers on the Qorta platform being released across the quarter. 2020 has seen a very significant increase in development resources to make the best possible platform for trucking safety.
  • The world is brimming with data and SambaSafety has invested tremendous time and talent towards understanding and productizing all of the transportation industry’s safety data. The unique position SambaSafety occupies as the leader in MVR and CSA related data, along with the vast quantities of electronic data from insurance, in-cab technology and other mobility data makes SambaSafety impossible to ignore as a partner in the Road to Zero.

There are hundreds of you that mentored, inspired and motivated me over these last 13 ½ years. The talented engineers, sales and customer support team at Vigillo positioned us to be an attractive acquisition. One we became part of the SambaSafety family, we were able to continue the mission to provide the best technology, support, data and experience for our transportation customers. I know that that mission has been fulfilled and that my legacy in this space will continue to thrive. With pride, a true sense of accomplishment and confidence in an incredible organization whom I am confident will continue to carry the torch, I find it is time for me to finally move on.

I will miss the SambaSafety team led by Allison Guidette, who found a way to allow an entrepreneur to live happily as an employee these past 3 ½ years. I’ll miss the weekly trips to Denver, the vibrant culture, the excitement that comes along with a growing, successful software company, but I have the utmost confidence that the mission of Vigillo and SambaSafety is in the most capable hands. I offer my highest respect and best wishes for the future of what has become a very solid home for the Vigillo legacy.

Credit must also go out to my biggest champion who has been there every step of the way as I crossed the country on countless airplanes, my amazing wife Jennifer Bryan. We’re going to spend some time hiking and biking this Fall and see what path, doorway, chapter might be next.  I *promise* Jennifer, not another ground up startup (do crossy’s count?).