Company attributes momentum to industry’s only driver safety solution combining continuous monitoring and access to driving records across the U.S. and Canada

Albuquerque, N.M. & Denver, April 20, 2015 — SambaSafety®, the market leader of cloud-based driver risk management (DRM) solutions, today announced full-year 2014 results that point to the privately held company’s growing momentum and market dominance.
SambaSafety increased its bookings by 140 percent year-over-year. SambaSafety reported that it added 197 customers in the fourth quarter of 2014, bringing the total number of its clients to more than 14,000.

“SambaSafety’s integrated solution makes disparate data about drivers’ behavior useful and actionable, continuously providing the visibility organizations need to improve driver safety and ultimately improve community safety,” said Richard Crawford, chief executive officer of SambaSafety. “Plus, it’s driving records-based, and only driving records provide an actionable baseline of how workers perform behind the wheel.”

SambaSafety is the only DRM solution that combines comprehensive, continuous monitoring and access to driving records across the United States and Canada. This combination uniquely enables employers to reduce crash costs and risks, automate and streamline administration, and proactively improve the driving performance of their entire workforce.

The software-as-a-service solution also normalizes violations and scores driving records across all 50 states and Canada to evaluate drivers’ performance in a consistent, standardized way for multistate businesses. SambaSafety provides an easy to use red/yellow/green score of each worker behind the wheel, enabling employers to proactively address high-risk drivers with SambaSafety’s online training or other services. The reports also include trending that shows positive or negative changes in each driver, group of drivers or an entire organization’s score. SambaSafety is the only firm to offer integrated software and services that support the entire driver workforce life cycle – from pre-hire screening through post-hire driver management.

The company’s solution collects, correlates and analyzes driver information from several sources – driving records, court data, status checks, accident data, incident data, compliance information and medical certifications. This ongoing, comprehensive monitoring collects and identifies driving infractions daily so employers can manage driver risk most effectively.

While there is no shortage of available data on drivers, it is fragmented, incomplete, and difficult to access noted Crawford. “Whereas our competitors provide data, SambaSafety provides actionable insight throughout our national footprint. Our solution distills a huge volume of data into meaningful information that enables employers, insurance carriers and background screeners to make the best, coordinated decisions in managing driver risk,” he explained.

About SambaSafety

SambaSafety is the market leader of cloud-based risk management solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information — motor vehicle records, court data, status checks, accident data, incident data, compliance information, medical certifications – our innovative platform automates the driver risk management process delivering a comprehensive 360-degree view of driver behavior and performance. SambaSafety provides organizations across the United States and Canada the actionable insight to improve driver performance, reduce accidents, lower insurance costs and limit risks – ultimately improving community safety. For more information, go to

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