Why You Still Need Driver Monitoring When Using Telematics

There is a best way to keep your drivers safe

It’s having a complete and full understanding of your driver’s individual behavior, both on and off the clock. That means pairing telematics alongside continuous driver monitoring to ensure you receive the most comprehensive picture of your risk.

The popularity of telematics and GPS only continues to grow

Ask yourself why this technology alone is not enough. Telematics and GPS only showcase the behavior of the driver when they are in a company vehicle, not accounting for the additional off the clock behavior.

With many incidents occurring off the clock, telematics and GPS cannot tell you that an employee was arrested three nights ago for a DUI in their personal vehicle. What can tell you that information is continuous driver monitoring.

Pair that trepidatious behavior with the fact that many companies only pull MVRs once a year, typically at-hire and subsequently once a year after. This means that risky behavior goes uncorrected and even worse, unnoticed, placing your company at great risk for culpability of detrimental behavior without continuous driver monitoring.

Expand your safety repertoire

There’s nothing stopping you from expanding your safety toolbox, and the cost of purchasing MVRs on a more frequent basis means that, in the long-run, you’re protecting yourself from those immense costs incurred by high-risk drivers.

More enticing is the fact that, with SambaSafety’s features, predictive analytics is not far off the horizon. Three ways to protect those driving for your company, the company itself and community at-large? Sounds like a no brainer decision to us.

To learn more about why continuous driver monitoring matters, read our white paper.