What would you do if you were able to reduce overall claims? With the help of continuous driver monitoring, it’s possible and while it sounds daunting, our very own Jason Malpass, Vice President of Enterprise Sales, SambaSafety, is here to explain further why it’s actually easy in the latest episode of “The Blind Spot.”

The challenge

Malpass knows that many companies still find it challenging to effectively utilize claims data to identify trends that lead to increased costs. He also knows that the secret to analyzing claims studies begins with SambaSafety and subsequently the customer at-hand.

Just imagine the immense troves of data that companies often have to sift through in order to make sense of their claims data. That process falls to the wayside thanks to SambaSafety. The building blocks we need to perform a claims study analysis include the information and data the client wants to measure.

Specific measurements

“We look for areas of cost control,” Malpass said. “We look for areas we can automate and drive some operational efficiencies. And as the name would suggest, we look at the claims history within our relationships and employers as they combat the rising costs of auto crashes and are looking for ways to reverse that trend of escalation.”

Malpass noted that SambaSafety has the claims study process down to a science and is available to use that expertise to help customers save money.

“Without a whole lot of heavy lifting from our customers, we’re able to go in, gather some data points from them, and then use that, balance it off of what we’ve learned from all of our other pre-existing client relationships, and come back with findings,” he said.

With every claims study, Malpass said there’s always an opportunity to reduce risk for a client and provide cost reduction areas. “Leveraging some of the automation and the workflow that exists within SambaSafety’s tools, we’re able to drive efficiencies that otherwise are unrealized.”

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