Why Your Human Resources Efforts Are In Vain Without Driver Monitoring

It seems that, more often, Human Resources (HR) professionals are being tasked with the responsibility of keeping the workplace safe, secure and, in tandem, developing a comprehensive safety program. What are a few ways in which an HR professional can do this, and how can something as easily implementable as continuous driver monitoring be the best multi-faceted solution?

With the help of continuous driver monitoring, you can:

  • Hire and Retain the Best Candidates – Companies typically pulling motor vehicle records (MVRs) upon hire and even annually feel as if they are aware of those behind the wheel on behalf of their company. But are you accounting for what you cannot see? Continuous driver monitoring provides you the visibility oftentimes lacking for companies who only pull at-hire or annual MVRs.
  • Ensure Employees Don’t Cost the Company – The last thing that you want upon hiring an employee is for them to bring immense cost and liability through their potentially unseen driving violations. Gain understanding into exactly who is driving on behalf of your company with the help of continuous driver monitoring.
  • Establish the Company as a Safety Leader – To get the general public to understand that your organization lives and breathes safety, it’s important that they know the comprehensive safety efforts being taken. Continuous driver monitoring puts your company at the forefront of safety and tells the story that not only do you care about your drivers, but also those sharing the road with them, all while protecting your company from risk.

Interested in learning how you can bolster your safety practices? Download our white paper about why continuous driver monitoring matters.