How Actionable Safety Can Make or Break Your Company Risk Efforts

Motor vehicle records (MVR)s are a major and unavoidable expense. Having traditionally been a vital component in further understanding who is driving on behalf of your company, pulling them at-hire and/or annually can cause administrative strain and leave you with almost immediately outdated information.

Outdated information in this instance means that the moment your company driver gets in the vehicle after either an at-hire or annual MVR pull, you lose visibility into the risk that driver presents. With three to five percent of drivers possessing a suspended license, oftentimes due to small administrative tasks that have fallen to the wayside, it isn’t worth it to leave the risk you take on in the hands of others. The good news is that you don’t have to with continuous driver monitoring.

Consider too the exponential cost savings you could be reaping if utilizing continuous driver monitoring. In this day and age with a potential nuclear verdict from a driver related lawsuit looming over your head as a probable situation, now more than ever it pays to invest in actionable safety measures.

Make safety actionable with the help of continuous driver monitoring. Long gone are the days of lack of visibility the other 364 days of the year. Mitigate your risk with near real-time alerts whenever a driver receives a negative violation.

To learn more about why continuous driver monitoring matters, download our white paper.