Why Artificial Intelligence Is The Next Disruptor

If you missed this week’s Transportation Brief with Steve Bryan and guest Peter Rowe, VP, Engineering, SambaSafety, feel free to watch the recording on-demand or delve into the recap. This week’s topic? Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is transforming the way we problem solve, and many are curious about how to tap into its potential. Highlights from the conversation included:

  • How AI operates –and the significance technology plays in the predictive model through recognizing patterns that exist.
    • As an example, if you were trying to predict crashes, AI will make correlations in the immense amount of data you’re asking it to connect the dots on.
  • The ability to turn AI data and predictions into actionable data.
  • Although it seems we are making advances with AI, we are still only in the infancy phase.
  • The struggles AI has when the present isn’t behaving like the past.
    • AI is only informed by past experiences and when present state models don’t reflect the past, utilizing predictive modeling becomes a lot less certain.
  • Despite the technology’s incredible power, we shouldn’t be afraid of AI and the advances that it can bring forth.

Join us for next week’s Transportation Brief, where Steve Bryan will be joined by Deputy Chief Mark Savage, Colorado State Patrol, to learn about the forthcoming increase in targeted enforcement actions addressing driving behavior causing crashes.