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How to Analyze MVR Data Fast Using Continuous Driver Monitoring

We at SambaSafety understand that with every job comes unique hurdles. For those tasked with managing and mitigating the driver risk of their company, that often includes manually pulling and sifting through stacks of motor vehicle records (MVRs).

To order MVRs and manage your drivers effectively on behalf of your company, you may have had to spend hours making sense of everything from varying state-to-state data points to violations your company deems most important.

That doesn’t even take into account the fact that many companies have self-reporting policies and rely on their drivers to let them know whenever they have been involved in an incident, the addition of crash and claims data as well as understanding that the information you’re receiving is almost immediately outdated due to the static nature of the documents.

What’s the Solution?

Simply put, continuous driver monitoring is the solution.

Enjoy eliminating your reliance on manual MVR pulls by receiving automated alerts in near real-time any time one of your drivers receives a negative MVR violation. From minor violations like speeding tickets to more serious infractions like a DUI, you are alerted of these issues whether they occur when the driver is on or off the clock.

Understand with ease the risk your drivers present through a no- to high-risk ranking of your drivers, informed by negative MVR violation data specific to your fleet. Never be left guessing as to who your highest-risk drivers are.

Our MVRs Make Analysis Easier

There’s a reason that we are the industry-leader. Our MVRs can help you better understand the risk that your drivers present without sending you into analysis paralysis. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to manually pull MVRs again and attempt to make sense of them through already conglomerated data, providing you with the best standardized data in the industry as well as the most actionable insights to make the most informed decisions for your driver population.

What You Can Do

Advocate and work to implement an MVR monitoring service like continuous driver monitoring. Although not an in-car device, continuous driver monitoring gives you the most in-depth and real-time insight into your driver population. End your reliance on manual MVR pulls and avoid the days of high-risk drivers costing your company time, money and more.

To learn more about continuous driver monitoring and some myths versus reality, download our white paper.

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