Your Questions Answered By Our Data Geeks

Ever wanted to know more about how SambaSafety is fueled by data? Hear from our own Data Scientists, Ayodele Odubela and Daniel Laney, on-demand or through our recap below.

Some of the most valuable information you can learn further about from the webinar includes:

  • What data science insights are typically used to do, including
    • Discover gather and explore new data sources
    • Massage data
    • Obtain predictive and actionable data insights
    • Create internal and external data products that have real business value
    • Communicate relevant business insights
    • Drive and inform organization decision-making
  • Data science as it pertains to driver risk management typically includes
  • Risk modeling
    • Process of using relevant historical data and domain expertise to understand the probability of future risk events
  • Conglomeration of data available to SambaSafety that includes
    • MVRs
    • CSA inspections
    • Insurance claims
    • Telematics
  • Providing companies with increased visibility into driving status of every employee in their organization
  • How SambaSafety is utilizing data to create a birds eye view of high-risk drivers no matter the size of the business at hand.
  • And more!

Once you view the webinar in its entirety, learn further about how motor vehicle records and continuous driver monitoring can better inform your risk profile by downloading our white paper.