Safe Drivers Impact Your Company’s Risk Management Strategy

You always want to assume the best in people, including their ability to drive safely on the roads. Although that may seem eternally optimistic, you believe that all behind the wheel are safe to do so, mainly because your safety is at risk.

When thinking of driving, if you begin to imagine the population that is considered unfit to drive, it becomes a scary day-to-day task. One startling statistic SambaSafety uncovered was that around three percent of the driving population is currently driving with a suspended license.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unsafe drivers and could have a suspended license due to clerical mishaps, it’s important to be aware of who should and should not be on the road.

So why are safe drivers important? Those that take responsibility when behind the wheel, do not speed or drive aggressively and follow all legalities on the invisible contract you sign when driving a vehicle keep the roads safe.

We need more safe drivers on the road, especially when considering the fact that distracted driving has overtaken drunk driving as the number one cause of crashes. Even though looking at your phone while driving is not illegal, it does push you into the unsafe driver category.

Understand that safe drivers are responsible drivers, not just for themselves but for the safety of all who occupy and share the roads.