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How to Analyze MVR Data Fast Using Continuous Driver Monitoring

We at SambaSafety understand that with every job comes unique hurdles. For those tasked with managing and mitigating the driver risk of their...

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How You Can Beat Unpredictability and Control Your Driver Risk in the New Year

Although 2020 as a whole has been a year filled with unpredictability, one thing has remained consistently true and relevant – the need for proactive...

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How to Save Yourself from Crash and Claims Costs

Managing your crash and claims data is often a strenuous and time-consuming process. While technology has automated many things in this world, many...

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How SambaSafety Positively Transforms Top of Mind Transportation Issues

Even as 2020 seems to be the year of unpredictability, the trucking industry has persevered to keep America moving and some sectors have thrived....

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Why Not All MVR Services for Insurance Brokers Are Created Equal

The world has changed. Due to the continuous fallout from COVID-19, businesses continue making reductions in headcount and numerous small...

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How You Can Transform Your Business Using Continuous Driver Monitoring

We at SambaSafety understand that every business faces a variety of unique challenges each day. But some of those challenges also remain constant...

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How to Get Rid of Inefficiencies with the Help of Driver Data [Podcast]

One of the things we at SambaSafety pride ourselves on is being a data-first company. In this episode of The Blind Spot, hear from our Chief...

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Alternative Data As The Answer For Insurance Providers [Podcast]

Pulling motor vehicle records (MVRs) has become a time-consuming and costly process for many insurance providers. What’s needed for insurers...

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How to Create the Perfect Case for Driver Monitoring

You may be asking yourself How do I build a case for my company to use continuous driver monitoring? We at SambaSafety have a few suggestions for key...

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