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Getting Smart by Using Predictive Models to Actionize Driver Behavior [Webinar]

If you missed the PropertyCasualty360 webinar with Marian Aavang, Vice President, Product, SambaSafety; Chris Delaplaine, Senior Risk Engineer,...

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Motor Vehicle Record Paper Waste? Here’s How to Fix It Quickly

Think of all of the paper products you use on a daily basis, and whether or not you choose to recycle those items. Now imagine being able to reduce...

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Reflections & What’s Next For Steve Bryan [Interview]

Hear from Steve Bryan as he reflects on his time at SambaSafety and what’s next. Today marks 3 ½ years since SambaSafety acquired Vigillo. It was...

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Using Machine Learning to Predict Driver Risk [Webinar]

Hear from our own data geeks Ayodele Odubela, Data Scientist, and Daniel Laney, Lead Data Scientist, as they speak to using machine learning as a way...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Understanding What’s on an MVR [Webinar]

Needless to say, our “data geeks” have some serious brainpower. Hear from our data scientists, Ayodele Odubela and Daniel Laney, as they provide some...

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Your Questions Answered By Our Data Geeks [Webinar]

Ever wanted to know more about how SambaSafety is fueled by data? Hear from our own Data Scientists, Ayodele Odubela and Daniel Laney, on-demand or...

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Think You Know the Real COVID-19 Violation Data Story? [Webinar]

If you missed Steve Bryan, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Transportation, SambaSafety, and Daniel Murray, Senior Vice President,...

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SambaSafety’s Fourth Socially Distant Sprinter Raises Over $1,500

In the spirit of ensuring that we at SambaSafety remain together despite being apart, we held our fourth Socially Distant Sprinter, two of which...

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Why a Lack of Safety Policy Adoption is Hurting You and Your Business [Webinar]

You don’t want to miss what John Diana, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, SambaSafety, Brenden Macy, Corporate and Compliance Council,...

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