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SambaSafety Transforms Driver Risk Management with Acquisition of Instructional Technologies Inc.

SambaSafety, the market leader in driver risk management technology, has acquired Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), provider of best-in-class...

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Four Insurance Trends Every Safety Expert Needs to Know in 2021

We recently spoke with an insurance industry-veteran who provided great insight on key industry trends. Here’s the trends that should be on every...

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How A Claims Study Can Drastically Save Your Company Money [Podcast]

What would you do if you were able to reduce overall claims? With the help of continuous driver monitoring, it’s possible and while it sounds...

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Three Must Read Frequently Asked Driver Monitoring Questions (with Answers)

Simply put, driver monitoring automatically alerts you when an employee driving on behalf of your company receives a negative violation, giving you...

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How You Can Bridge Your Driver Visibility Gap in No Time

It’s Hard to Understand and Try Preventing What you Cannot See Have you ever considered the risk your company opens itself up to when increasing...

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The Age of the Auto Insurance Customer

A Trend Emerges As the world continues to change, a trend emerges: the lack of consumer spending paired with the economic uncertainty means that we...

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Why Not All SaaS Provider Security Efforts are Created Equal

Perform a Google search for “data security” and you’ll find billions of results ranging from companies pitching security products to tips on how...

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How to Accurately Price High-Risk Drivers Like an Expert

We’ve previously shared statistics around the spike in risky driving behavior during the pandemic. On a miles-driven basis, fatalities were up...

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Leading the Driver Violation Data Market with Expanded State Footprint

As the market leader in driver monitoring and mobility risk data solutions, we at SambaSafety have expanded our insurance state footprint to cover 80...

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