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What Good Is Your Safety Policy
If You Can’t Enforce It?

At SambaSafety, our customers know that a robust driver safety policy is critical to establishing a comprehensive safety culture. However, it has little impact if it cannot be enforced. An effective driver safety policy requires a detailed understanding of your driver population and consistent and unbiased enforcement. Best-in-class companies enforce a culture of safety by implementing the right tools to accurately represent their employees, reward those who embody their values, and minimize bad behavior that can lead to harmful consequences.

Driver Policy Score

Harness Disparate Driver Data. Combine, Score, and Simplify!

This composite driver policy score represents the true impact of a driver’s behavior and their associated events upon the organization. Combining MVR and claims scores is the first step toward obtaining a comprehensive view of a driver, aggregating accurate information from multiple data sources to understand the true risk associated with a particular driver when evaluating them against your safety policy.

Crash & Claims Score

All Claims Aren’t Equal.

With Claims Scoring from Q Enterprise, organizations now have the ability to attach crash and claims data with a driver’s history and assess its weight in the form of a claims score. By aligning a claim with the values of the safety policy, customers are now given the flexibility to determine the appropriate impact of a particular crash-related incident upon a driver’s overall level of compliance within their safety policy.

Crash & Claims Data Integration

To Reduce Crashes, You Must Fully Understand Crashes.

Obtain unparalleled visibility into the impact of unsafe drivers to your bottom line. By integrating valuable claims data into Qorta, organizations can identify the leading indicators that turn crashes into claims and drive up your costs. With crash and claims integration, you are given the tools to adjust your safety policy and address behavior that is highly correlated to costly incidents.

Qorta Application
Programming Interface (API)

Embed Qorta Into Your Existing Systems and Workflow.

Connect your employees to continuous monitoring and empower your enterprise applications with a steady stream of driver data from Qorta. Integrate driver scores and alerts into your existing workflow by exposing driver maintenance, activity alert, and on-demand MVR requests with Qorta’s enterprise-grade application Programming Interface (API).

Qorta Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamless Security Automation Throughout the Enterprise.

Streamline user authentication to Qorta with Single Sign-On (SSO) access control. Gain enterprise-grade, secure access to Qorta using your company credentials.

Elevate Your Safety Culture