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How is Technology Changing Fleet Management?

We examine how 5G networks, wearable tech, advanced telematics, augmented reality, mobility as a service and electronic vehicles are all set to impact fleet management in the coming decade.

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5 Steps for Using Your Telematics and Other Fleet Safety Data Effectively

The amount of data available for fleet safety management can be an issue in and of itself. However, there are steps companies can take to ensure that data is fully utilized and significant advances in fleet safety management can be better achieved.

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Data Normalization: Solving Big Data Issues for Fleet Risk Management

Understanding what data normalization is and knowing why it's important to fleet risk management gives companies a real advantage in both valuing and utilizing the big data they are already gathering.

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Why Excel Is a Dangerous Tool for Managing Vehicle and Driver Data

Excel is used around the world, is a basic office skill, and therefore provides a simple-to-deploy solution that is familiar to its users. However, just because it’s a ubiquitous skill doesn’t mean it is the right tool for fleet safety management.

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Companies Are Treading Water in an Ocean of Telematics Data

Managing telematics data across a fleet of several hundred or thousands of vehicles and drivers becomes an overwhelming task. The information overload provides more data, but not always more insight. Fleet managers are often compromised in their role by the very systems that were designed to help them.

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