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Four Questions Every MVR for CDL Drivers Will Answer

An FMCSA MVR for a CDL driver is integral context in ensuring fleet safety. Why? Find out with answers to your most commonly asked CDL MVR questions.

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The Essential Guide to CSA Methodology Fundamentals

What is a CSA score? If you’ve ever wondered that, learn more and read our guide on everything you need to know surrounding the CSA scoring essentials.

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Row of shiny metal tanker trucks

What Trucking’s Retention Problem Has to Do with the Gas Shortage

The truck driver shortage has only agitated scarcity seen in the U.S. supply chain. Learn why CDL driver retention is integral in keeping America moving.

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How You Can Take Control of Driver Happiness

Employee job satisfaction is incredibly important & integral to your business. How can you do this and why should you start with your drivers? Learn more.

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How to Save Yourself from Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Commercial vehicle crashes are on the rise. Learn why and how commercial driving risk management software from SambaSafety can help mitigate crashes.

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How Commercial Trucking has Transformed with Technology

Technology in trucking is reshaping the commercial transportation industry. Learn more about these changes occurring and what it means for the future.

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How SambaSafety Positively Transforms Top of Mind Transportation Issues

This year has been filled with unpredictability. The trucking industry has persevered but still faces critical issues. Learn how SambaSafety can help.

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Line of different big rigs semi trucks standing in row on the twilight truck stop parking lot with turned on lanterns on poles waiting for morning to continue the schedule delivery route

Why Truck Driver Appreciation Week Extends Year-Round at SambaSafety

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we wanted to take a moment to thank the heroes either part of or managing a fleet in unpredictable times.

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commercial vehicle driving on empty roadway at dusk or dawn

Taking a Moment to Thank Truckers

During this uncertain time, we wanted to take a moment and thank American truckers who are a constant while helping maintain some sense of normalcy.

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