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3 Easy Ways Fleets Can Improve Truck Driver Satisfaction

Truck driver turnover is real and transportation has some of the lowest job satisfaction levels. Learn three ways fleets can improve driver satisfaction.

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Why Truck Driver Appreciation Doesn’t Last Just a Week at SambaSafety

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we wanted to thank those in the trucking industry. Your efforts to keep America moving do not go unnoticed.

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Curb Bad Habits with Sixteen Courses on Defensive Driving for Truck Drivers

Defensive driving is impactful when utilized by truck drivers behind the wheel. Learn about the sixteen courses truck drivers can take to curb bad habits.

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How Fleet Managers Can Convince Drivers to Embrace CDL Driver Safety Training

Some fleets roll the dice on what can keep their drivers safest. Learn how utilizing driver training can improve both fleet safety & good decision-making.

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5 Problems Fleet Managers Need to Address During Truck Driver Onboarding

Truck driver retention is an industry-wide challenge. Learn how addressing five key problems in onboarding can help improve your fleet’s driver retention.

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3 Trucking Safety Tips to Combat the Rise in Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Commercial vehicle crashes continue rising. Learn about the three trends causing crashes to increase and how safety professionals can keep fleets safer.

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Everything Fleet Managers Need to Know About Entry-Level Driver Training

ELDT is looming, coming February 2022. As a fleet manager, are you prepared & understand what this means for your new drivers not yet equipped with CDLs?

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Why Tanker Truck Safety Is Integral in Stopping Rollovers

Successful fleet risk management only works if you know the root of the problem. Learn why tanker rollovers are on the rise & how to combat such a trend.

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Four Questions Every MVR for CDL Drivers Will Answer

An FMCSA MVR for a CDL driver is integral context in ensuring fleet safety. Why? Find out with answers to your most commonly asked CDL MVR questions.

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