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Driver Safety Training: New Qorta University Courses for 2022

While continuous driver monitoring alone is informative, simply knowing about a violation isn’t fixing it.

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Fleet Fuel Efficiency: Company Driver Tips for Saving Gas as Pump Prices Increase

While it may be impossible to completely avoid paying the high sticker price at the pump, there are strategies for businesses to help improve their drivers’ fuel efficiency.

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Roadways at Risk This Week with Higher Daylight Savings Car Accidents

With more studies coming out in recent years, many are expressing their disapproval of daylight saving time. The disruption of daily routines has been tied to negative health effects such as higher rates of strokes and heart attacks. But what is most concerning in our industry is in the increase of daylight savings car accidents.

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WEBINAR: Back to Basics – MVRs and Driver Monitoring

As the roads become more dangerous, all stakeholders – drivers, companies, government departments, insurance carriers and brokers – need to do their part in helping make our country’s transportation system a safer place. This is where pulling, analyzing and acting on MVR data plays a crucial role.

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How to Beat the Great Resignation and Up Your Driver Retention Strategy

The Great Resignation is here. Learn why people are quitting, industries most impacted & what companies like yours can do to up your retention efforts.

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3 Easy Ways Fleets Can Improve Truck Driver Satisfaction

Truck driver turnover is real and transportation has some of the lowest job satisfaction levels. Learn three ways fleets can improve driver satisfaction.

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What a Year’s Worth of Warehouse Safety Training Courses Can Mean For Your Business

Employee safety training is needed but can be hard to create. It doesn’t have to be - learn what monthly warehouse safety training lessons can look like.

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2020 Driving Trends Every Safety Professional Needs to Know

The past year was unpredictable. Learn how safety professionals can combat such uncertainty by becoming smarter on fatality-causing 2020 driving trends.

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How to Improve Fleet Driver Safety Through Awareness of Overlooked Risk

Keeping company drivers safe is no small feat. Learn why you need to read these three unfamiliar but true realities of risk to keep your drivers protected.

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