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How These 7 Commercial Insurance Trends Can Impact Carriers & Employers

Learn why employers & commercial auto carriers need to know the latest trends like more frequent auto incidents, worsening employer legal exposure & more.

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Life Changing Ways to Free Insurers from the Burden of MVRs [Podcast]

Listen to The Blind Spot and hear Rick Fendell, VP, Data Solutions & Channels, as he discusses how MVRs are weighing insurers down and how to stop this.

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Four Insurance Trends Every Safety Expert Needs to Know in 2021

Company driver liability exposure can be controlled. Learn more about key trends every safety expert should know in 2021 & how to mitigate driver risk.

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The Age of the Auto Insurance Customer

Learn how auto insurance carriers are tackling the evolving world while looking for ways to engage consumers despite decreased customer spending & driving.

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How to Accurately Price High-Risk Drivers Like an Expert

With the increase in consumer insurance price shopping & speeding, learn more on why its paramount for insurers to accurately deliver price & assess risk.

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Why Not All MVR Services for Insurance Brokers Are Created Equal

As the world changes, so does your methodology for dealing with the COVID-19 fallout. Learn why driver monitoring is one of the best ways to adapt quick.

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Alternative Data As The Answer For Insurance Providers [Podcast]

Hear from Eric Waldinger, Chief Marketing Officer, SambaSafety, as he explains why alternative data is one of the best tools for insurers to utilize.

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Driver Monitoring for Carriers Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Carriers have the ability to benefit immensely from one simple tool. Learn how driver monitoring can allow you to offer an unmatched customer experience.

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Getting Smart by Using Predictive Models to Actionize Driver Behavior [Webinar]

Hear more and read on about our data team in this webinar recap as they dive into using predictive models to assess and act upon changing driver behavior.

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