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Why a Lack of Safety Policy Adoption is Hurting You and Your Business [Webinar]

Hear from SambaSafety’s John Diana & Brenden Macy as well as Shannon Cohen, Scopelitis, and what a comprehensive safety policy can mean for your company.

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Why Your Safety Policy Gets Ignored [Webinar]

Demystifying your safety policy is important when looking to adopt one. Learn why it’s not enough to just have a written policy & that enforcement matters.

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Made Roadways Speedier than Ever

With fewer drivers on the road, how has there been an increase in deadly car crashes? Learn why speeding has played a large role in increased fatalities.

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Why Artificial Intelligence Beats the Human Brain [Webinar]

Learn more about this week’s Transportation Brief with Steve Bryan, who discussed AI as a valuable tool transforming past data into actionable insight.

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Important Decision By the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Read on about the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision surrounding the important standalone disclosure requirement under the FCRA.

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How to Save Yourself from Uncontrolled Risk Due to COVID-19 [Podcast]

Hear from Sambasafety Chief Marketing Officer Eric Waldinger as he provides best tips and tricks for those controlling risk in the face of COVID-19.

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How to Navigate Daylight Savings Time with Drivers Like An Expert

Did you know that fatal car crashes in the U.S. spike up to six percent following daylight savings time? Learn how you can keep your employees safer.

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Want to Rid Yourself Of Unforeseen Risk? Now You Can!

Hear from John Diana, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, as he answers whether you're better off knowing or not knowing about high-risk drivers.

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