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Alternative Data As The Answer For Insurance Providers [Podcast]

Hear from Eric Waldinger, Chief Marketing Officer, SambaSafety, as he explains why alternative data is one of the best tools for insurers to utilize.

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How to Create the Perfect Case for Driver Monitoring

You may ask yourself - how do you build the case for your company to employ continuous driver monitoring? We have the best reasons to do so - learn more.

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How to Combat Distracted Driving in an Unpredictable World Like a Pro

As we start Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2020, learn why it's clear that in an unpredictable world, managing controlled risk is integral & important.

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How to Safeguard the Public Without Sacrificing Expenditure

What ways are you safeguarding the public from drivers who shouldn't be behind the wheel? Learn why continuous driver monitoring is the apt solution.

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Driver Monitoring for Carriers Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Carriers have the ability to benefit immensely from one simple tool. Learn how driver monitoring can allow you to offer an unmatched customer experience.

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SambaSafety Unveils Industry-Leading Advanced Reporting and Customization Features

Why is SambaSafety the cloud-based driver monitoring market leader? We strive to improve. Learn about our advanced reporting & customization features.

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Getting Smart by Using Predictive Models to Actionize Driver Behavior [Webinar]

Hear more and read on about our data team in this webinar recap as they dive into using predictive models to assess and act upon changing driver behavior.

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Motor Vehicle Record Paper Waste? Here’s How to Fix It Quickly

There are ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. One of the easiest options? Cut back on your paper use with the help of SambaSafety's technology.

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Reflections & What’s Next For Steve Bryan [Interview]

Hear from Steve Bryan as he reflects on his past three and a half years at SambaSafety, transportation growth, his accomplishments & what’s next for him.

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