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SambaSafety Announces Samsara Integration with Risk Cloud

SambaSafety is proud to announce our partnership with Samsara, pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud. Together, we're painting a complete picture of risk for companies wanting to expand their driver safety program.

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6 Ways to Make Telematics Data Work for Your Driver Safety Program

Telematics data can transform your fleet safety program, but the information is often messy and overwhelming. In this blog, we share simple steps you can take to overcome common obstacles fleets tend to face.

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WEBINAR: 6 Telematics Challenges and How Leading Fleets Overcome Them

In our webinar, our experts explore innovative strategies for maximizing your telematics devices to help you revolutionize the way you identify and mitigate driver risk.

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How a Single Solution Can Fully Optimize Your Telematics Devices

How can companies ensure that they have an accurate understanding of their risk profile and that they're taking the right actions to reduce risk across their entire driver population? It starts with leveraging the right technology to manage and make sense of disparate data sources.

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How a Simple Scoring Model Leverages Telematics Data to Transform Fleet Risk Management

At SambaSafety, we are constantly enhancing our capabilities to better streamline fleet risk management and provide businesses with the most comprehensive solutions on the market. With our new predictive scoring model, Risk Index, businesses can now gain quick access to the most holistic view of their driver risk profile.

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How Telematics Data Is the Missing Piece to Effective Fleet Risk Management

We dive into the benefits of prioritizing fleet risk management and the dramatic improvements that can be made from leveraging your telematics data to better understand, assess and address driver risk.

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How Can Companies Maximize the Value of Their Telematics Data?

Telematics data provides a wealth of information, all of which works to promote effective and efficient fleet management. We discuss the exclusive benefits and insights that telematics data can deliver – from cost savings and driving customer loyalty to increasing fleet safety.

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FNOL and Telematics Data Management: Why Speed and Accuracy Matter

Fast, accurate FNOL is critical to fleet managers, companies and insurers. The faster they can react to an incident, the better chance they have of keeping costs under control.

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What Is Telematics Data Aggregation?

Learn why telematics data aggregation services are becoming a key facilitator for transport managers, fleet managers, insurers and risk managers seeking to make the best use of the big data that their telematics systems are generating.

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